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Hypnotherapy is a proven means of safely and quickly helping you create a more satisfying life. In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis you’ll become very receptive to suggestions and will begin to recognize the roots of your actions and behavior, which can lead to profound lifestyle and behavior changes.

Each of us arrives on this planet purposefully. Hypnotherapy allows you to access the wisdom and answers that you hold inside yourself, wisdom that can guide you in your desired pursuits. You’ll find meaning and solutions to everyday life, and the energy to awaken again to your purpose.

Each hypnosis session is unique, tailored specifically to you. Whether your desire is to enrich your life by changing unwanted habits, explore other lifetimes for applicable wisdom, or gain helpful guidance from your deepest subconscious, hypnosis will give you a means to call in your power for greatest life satisfaction. Isn’t it time you rediscovered your power and confidence? See my list of services for more information about each approach.

All hypnosis sessions can be in-person or remote via Zoom. The results from remote sessions have been equal to in-person sessions.

JoAnn Hogue is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, and Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner.

Washington State Credential # HP61429685

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