A recent extended regression session told the story of three lives, wrapped in the theme of independently pursuing one’s dreams. The client held some beliefs that she logically knew were not true, but that played out in her life nonetheless in ways that limited her.

This is a perfect setup for a regression session. When you have a regression session, your Higher Self chooses the right life or lives to visit in order to give you the information you need to resolve the issue at hand. Most experiencers of regression are amazed at how directly the visited lives speak to that. They come out of the session with great empathy toward the other selves they experience, as well as more understanding and caring for their current self. In fact, many times even physical symptoms resolve themselves.

The first scene showed a middle-aged woman, in the 17th or 18th century, who was using a wooden plow on a small field of hay. She died that sunny day, right there in that field, alone. As we reviewed earlier times in her life, we saw her as a young house maiden to a busy alchemist living in a small house outside of town. She cleaned and cooked for him in her early years, and as she matured, she became his apprentice, learning mixology and potion skills at his side. They were work partners, not a romantic partners, and they sold their tinctures and potions in the nearby town.

Eventually the man died, leaving the alchemy business to the woman, who would gather the ingredients from the fields and woods around her. Some were strictly nutritional or medicinal potions. For others, however, she would use energy medicine to instill specific characteristics before sealing the bottles. She was not a medicine woman, but rather an alchemist. A pharmacist, if you will, but one who used energy to boost natural tinctures.

Every market day, she would pack a basket full of bottles and containers and walk the short distance to sell them. The men, for the most part, ignored her. Not in a negative way; they just didn’t have any use for her wares. The women, however, would swarm her, giggling and pushing each other to buy what we were amused to learn was an aphrodisiac potion! Those bottles sold out first, every market day, and the empty bottles returned for refilling.

The woman lived many pleasant, independent years this way. On the day she died, she had turned her ankle on a rock or uneven ground in the field, and had fallen. There were no regrets for the life she had lived. She was proud of her accomplishments and creativity.

The next life was a young woman of some means, about 16 years old, in medieval times. This was a time when marriages were arranged based on finances, not love. It was expected and, in the case of this young woman, not something she took issue with. On this day, she was standing on a balcony looking in a rather nonplussed way at a line of would-be husbands who were waiting to barter with her father for her hand in marriage. The “winner” was a plump man with blond hair, who himself was a man of considerable means.

The next scene was some years later at the woman’s new home, a palatial estate with beautiful gardens and lovely rooms. The woman had two children, which were taken care of by nannies, and her husband traveled in his work so was gone much of the time. Thus, she lived a fairly solitary life, amusing herself with some garden design, but otherwise becoming quite bored, with nothing of substance to capture her interest. Eventually, the woman died of a consumptive disease, wasting away due to emotional destitution.

In the life review, she saw that this wasting away wasn’t needed, that it could have easily been avoided simply by becoming more involved in outward-facing projects, such as civic improvements such as roads and services for the town. Her wealth gave her much influence, and she could have enlisted others to the cause by talking with them at parties and other gatherings that they all attended.

The final life the client visited was a mid-twentieth century woman who was married and had two small children, a boy and a girl. She loved her family, but again, her husband traveled so was gone from the home for periods of time. In this life, however, the woman became involved in local political and civic causes, gathering together a group of like-minded woman who met to discuss how they would use their combined strengths. She was a strong woman, and the leader of the group for a while, but others also led. The participation with these women was gratifying, and being able to use her intelligence and strength in this way brought much joy. She lived a long and satisfying life.

Three women, three time periods, three lessons on the rightness of moving ahead with your own life, regardless of who is or isn’t sharing it. This is a beautiful, graceful message to women today, isn’t it?

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