Why you eat is as important as what you eat

I startled a little bunny on my patio this morning, and in fear it bounded across the concrete to a potted tomato plant, where it hid, and then started munching furiously on the plant leaves. It reminded me of myself, eating to calm down after something stresses me or takes me by surprise. Only my go-to in those cases isn’t usually leafy greens.

That’s the way it is with most of us, our stomachs don’t drive what we eat, our emotions do. Worry, loneliness, sadness, anger… even boredom can cause us to fill up, to simply put things in our mouths in a subconscious attempt to block out the feelings. And it happens without our even realizing it.

COVID-19 has given all of us plenty to stress over. Those emotions need to be recognized and managed, or they will continue to negatively influence your behavior and your metabolism, by elevating cortisol levels that promote weight gain.

Hypnosis and NLP are powerful ways to manage your reactions. By working with the subconscious, we’re able to address the issue at its root, and change the behavior at its source. We can’t change what’s happening in this world by ourselves, but we certainly can reduce the stress that goes along with it, and curb the overeating that your emotions generate.

Are you ready to take control? If so, consider a four-session hypnosis package to address the root causes, and put you on the path to permanent weight management. Visit www.Inner-Answers.com for more information, to schedule a free chat, or to book a session.