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What clients are saying…

Inner Answers was my first experience with hypnosis. I’m moving into a new phase of life and was looking for insight as to my meaning and purpose in the world. JoAnn explained in detail the process and differences between her services: Beyond Quantum Healing, Hypnotherapy and Regression Hypnosis, and guided me to prepare questions prior to our session. During the session, I was surprised that I felt fully ”awake” and remembered everything that was said, even though JoAnn assured me I was in a deep state of hypnosis. The regression portion was fascinating —with JoAnn’s guidance I immediately envisioned two past lives and was able to describe them easily in detail as I saw the scenes right before my eyes. Getting in touch with these past lives offered me great reassurance about the purpose of my current life.  I highly recommend JoAnn and Inner Answers, especially to those new to hypnosis. JoAnn made the session feel comfortable and safe, which allowed my inner thoughts to effortlessly emerge.  A.M., Oregon

I have had multiple sessions with JoAnn, each one addressing different issues.  The sessions are comfortable, relaxing and very informative. I learn something new each time, and enjoy the practical results of the sessions that can be applied to my everyday life, reminders that help me bring positive thoughts and feelings back to the surface. JoAnn is really easy to work with.  She creates a soothing, relaxed surrounding, almost as if it’s being conducted in a cloud.  Very secure. My sessions have given me a positive road forward to getting issues unstuck. Thank you, JoAnn. C.H., California

JoAnn really knows her work and she is passionate about helping others using these skills.  She listens and understands the issues without judgment and focuses on giving the best session possible without wasting time on unnecessary things.  She helped me greatly.  A.L., Oregon

JoAnn is a very skilled hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and her level of expertise and passion shows in her work. If you are looking for a professional who is dedicated to exceeding their clients goals, detail oriented and leaving you deeply transformed, I highly recommend her! S.S., Oregon

JoAnn has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a very creative, flexible approach. A.R., Oregon

Amazing BQH Session! This BQH session was filled with information for the answers I was seeking. JoAnn was very helpful in her way of guiding me through these experiences. She has a very calming nature about her that certainly soothed me right into a hypnosis state. I enjoyed every minute of listening to the recording afterwards. JoAnn is simply amazing, thank you for this journey. K.H., So Carolina

Today was my first time being hypnotized and the first session with JoAnn. I have always wanted to explore my other lives and I was very excited to see what I would find. I was nervous that I couldn’t be hypnotized, but that was not the case! It was so much more than I expected! This experience was so amazing and beyond what I had hoped for! It was so eye opening and such a great experience finding out about other lives that I have lived. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of booking a session, definitely do it, you will not regret it! J.D., Kansas