I rearranged my office this week, to make room for a bigger chair for my practice that would accommodate the careful, socially distanced in-person sessions that will be happening soon. In doing so, I ran across a quote that I believe is attributable to Caroline Myss: Withdrawing from the active world can seem like a capitulation or loss when, in fact, the very act of emptying out is what makes creation possible.

It spoke worlds to me, not just for the fact that my office feels a lot bigger, but for the reality that here we all are on the precipice of starting to get things moving forward again. With everything that has involuntarily emptied out of our lives the first half of this year, imagine what can fill that space now!

As I look around, a lot of “new normal” will be created by novel ideas that individuals come up with. We all will be taking hard looks at our jobs and how we perform them, our social lives, our goals in every area of our existence. And as strange and uncomfortable as that can make us, it’s absolutely full of the opportunity to reposition ourselves in a way that better suits our lifestyle and ethics. Because, wow, have we ever been emptied of all expectation about what tomorrow will bring, opening up a whole host of creative ideas about how it can be done better!

So much of my work deals with helping people break through their limiting beliefs. I’ve got some, too! But I’m telling you, this is such a prime time for exploring what it is you really, really want, and how you can take steps toward creating it. Now that the external structure is opening back up, it’s time to get rid of those internal factors that hold you back. Because just as yesterday’s culture changers put aside their fears to create a new existence, tomorrow’s pioneers are already loading their wagons and setting out to the new frontier. Only this time, it won’t be horses and wagons that take us there. Events will move at light speed.

What areas would you like to change? What prevents you from making those changes? Are you confused about how to move forward? Not sure you have the resources to do it? Hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) can help you gain clarity quickly, easily, and build the courage and resolve to take the first steps. What if the outcome of that was a brand new way of living happily and successfully in this New World? Think of the possibilities…

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JoAnn Hogue is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, and NLP practitioner in Portland, Oregon.