Hypnosis is a very relaxed state of being that allows you to become more open to information and suggestion, for the purpose of healing, self-understanding, enlightenment, improvement, behavior modification, and much more.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It also is not like having anesthesia. Nor is it like the thing we see in movies, where one might be made to quack like a duck and waddle around on a stage. Rather, it is an experience in which you consciously allow yourself to be put in a state of greater willingness. That is to say, it allows you to release, for a time, those defenses you have learned to hold around you in this physical existence.

Hypnosis allows a person to quickly access information that is typically hidden in their subconscious. This information bypasses the logical brain, flowing instead through a more intuitive pipeline. Thus, habits or issues you wish to address are accessed at their source, in a way that traditional “talk therapy” cannot, so your results will occur faster and more completely. Some issues resolve after a single session; some require several sessions to get to the root. Your ability to put your left-brain logic aside temporarily while hypnosis occurs will make the experience more successful.

Even when hypnotized, you are in complete control. No one can make you do or say anything that you do not choose to. And that is true even for those rare people who go so deeply as to not remember a thing when they are brought out of hypnosis (these people are called somnambulists). In fact, all hypnosis is considered self-hypnosis, as the person is willingly allowing themselves to relax to that point.

Be assured I conduct all sessions with respect for your emotional safety and boundaries. Your privacy is of utmost importance. Regardless of what kind of session you may be doing—Quantum Healing, regression, habit elimination or reinforcement, etc—it is a profound experience, and I take that very seriously, professionally and personally.

Every session begins with a brief conversation, during which we will discuss your intention for the session and answer any questions you may have. The hypnosis itself starts with a period of relaxing, releasing and deepening, at which point I will move you into a state of hypnosis and we will proceed to the desired intent. The more times you are hypnotized, the faster and easier it is to move into that deep, relaxed state.

Unless you are a somnambulist, you will likely be somewhat aware of what is happening throughout the session. In fact, until you get used to it, it may even feel like you’re making it up! That’s fine and very normal. Don’t fight it or try to interpret it while it’s happening, as that can limit the experience; just let it flow. Your experiences will still be every bit as profound, and you’ll find that simply letting it occur freely will give you the wisdom and understanding you are seeking. There will be time to analyze it more after the session.

As the session ends, I will gently bring you back to full conscious awareness, and we will debrief. You’ll find that being hypnotized leaves you feeling rested, as though you’ve had a relaxing nap. Remember to drink water afterwards, as your inner self is still processing what it learned and experienced. Staying hydrated helps that information to flow.

WHAT CLIENTS SAY: I have had multiple sessions with JoAnn, each one addressing different issues.  The sessions are comfortable, relaxing and very informative. I learn something new each time, and enjoy the practical results of the sessions that can be applied to my everyday life. C.H., California