I read something today that made me ponder: “If we give our heart enough say in our decisions, it will not be over-stressed, and we can walk in peace and with confidence along our predetermined soul path and, in the course of our lives, fulfill all the tasks that we once wet ourselves for this incarnation. This also results in our heart remaining physically vital and efficient.”

The author goes on to say, “Life is not about working as much as possible or as hard as possible, but about finding the right work and then devoting our whole heart and soul to it. It is about listening to our heart and fulfilling our heart’s desires. This is the recipe not only for health but also for happiness.” *

In these times of COVID-19 sheltering in place, sometimes it’s hard to even imagine the idea of walking anywhere in peace and confidence, much less along our soul path. The recent change in momentum certainly put some of my own plans on hold, at least temporarily. How much more so for people whose plans were completely derailed…permanently? So many adjustments to make!

Each of us came here individually, with a singularity of purpose, a plan. We came to learn and grow in particular ways, and to bear witness to the spectacular shifts at work right now. And even when it escapes us consciously, deep inside we still know that purpose.

Yes, it feels dark at times. Our fears can get the better of us for a while. And yet, from within that darkness and fear of the unknown, creative ideas can germinate and sprout. Those ideas can pick you up and gently set you down again, two feet on solid ground, facing forward, ready to walk. All that’s required is to begin to hear that voice from inside your heart.

I encourage you to find a spot or a time when you can quiet yourself and listen deeply to the ideas of your heart. We’re all better for doing that. But I know, too, that many of us are sheltering in place with others, and it can be difficult to hear your own heart over the chatter of everyone else’s.

Hypnosis can make that process easier. When you allow yourself to experience the receptive state of hypnosis, you’re telling your heart—your soul—that you’re ready to listen and learn, and a trained hypnotherapist can help you do that more effectively. Each hypnosis session is unique to the individual. It focuses on your needs, your questions, your desires with no regard whatsoever to my own opinions or beliefs. It really is all about you. And I’m happy to facilitate that process because I’ve seen many times how positive and beneficial it is.

So give the quieting time a try and see what you think. And if you find yourself wanting to go deeper to hear your heart and answer the questions you have, consider a hypnosis session with me. You may want more information about the process. That’s alright; just use the Contact form on my website to let me know, and we’ll schedule a few minutes of phone time.

Or if you’re ready, you can book an appointment from the Schedule Session page. All sessions are remote these days, making them safe and convenient. One of these days we’ll be able to do them in person again, too. ~ JoAnn


*From Christina, Book 1: Twins Born as Light by Bernadette von Dreien